Board of Directors

The BGWSO Board of Directors is composed of volunteers from the community who raise funds, provide support services, and guide the direction of the orchestra.

Mr. Bennie Beach
Mrs. Elizabeth Burt
Mrs. Emily Causey
Mrs. Amy Bingham DeCesare
Mrs. Katherine Frassinelli
Mrs. Carol Glaser
Dr. Mitzi Groom
Ms. Elizabeth McKinney
Mr. Mike Kanan
Ms. Kathryn Kemp
Mrs. Donna LaFantasie
Ms. Susie Likes
Mrs. Jennifer Miller
Dr. Wayne Pope
Dr. Sally Ray
Ms. Janet Schwarzkopf
Dr. William Scott, Music Director
Mrs. Destiny O’Rourke
Dr. Michele Thomas
Dr. Linda Johnson Vitale
Mrs. Leslie Watkins, Board President
Mr. Richard O’Rourke
Jennifer Bryant, Executive Director