applying for a student loanMost students either have their parents or guardians when applying for a student loan. But there are also those who come on their own. Maybe their students are too busy with their jobs or live far away from where their children are supposed to go to school. Applying for a student loan without a parent or guardian with you doesn’t mean you won’t be granted one.

When applying for a student loan, it is important that the applicant has all the necessary requirements asked and has a sound mind to understand the terms and conditions of the loan. The student can also have an expert like a financial adviser accompany him during the application. Here are some ways on how to apply for a student loan independently:

4 Ways to Find Student Loans When You’re On Your Own

One of the biggest challenges might be figuring out how to pay for school on your own. If your parents are unable to help you with tuition and room and board — and many families can’t afford to do so — it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed.

But you’re not alone. In fact, 71% of all students graduating from a four-year … See more...

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The mission of The Symphony at WKU is to advance music literacy through performances and educational programs, to provide a symphony orchestra of the highest quality, and to be a focus for musical excellence.

2011-12 Season Tickets Now Available!

Get the best seats now for our upcoming 2011-12 Season!

Parking is easy at Van Meter Auditorium

New Van Meter Auditorium Seating Chart

Have you seen the newly renovated Van Meter Auditorium yet? You should check out the seating chart.


Bowling Green Western Symphony Orchestra, A Century of Symphony

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